Liz Lisa

Liz lisa 1

My personal favorite Brand of clothing is Liz Lisa a famous Japanese brand in Japan.Liz Lisa has super cute clothing’s,it’s especially worn by Gyaru’s.When I try to buy it’s expensive but when I do I never buy the cheapest.Why?Because there are replicas a.k.a FAKES!!!

Liz Lisa:Although they might be really really cheap,they’re really good like the quality.They might not be the real ones,but you’ve got to give them a try even though they are fake.I’m not saying it’s good to buy fakes,just only when you really really want that dress but its just over your budget  go ahead it won’t hurt anyone,It would actually help you save .So this is a short post nothing much hoped you enjoyed and have a great day.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Tony Moly Tomatox Fake VS Real

TonyMoly Tomatox fake vs real TonyMoly Tomatox fake vs real.

Gyaru or Ulzzang;they both have bright skin,so I recommend Tony Moly Tomatox.It’s really great works perfectly and well,but you have to be careful for the fakes,hence forth I made this.

Real vs Fake Tony Moly Tomatox:The image up above you can see the stem thing,the fake is rubbery while the real one is plastic like the rest of it,not only that but the real is a bit smaller than of the fake.The next image;as you can see are different.You will know its the real one if you see the little red beads on the cream.The fake is plain white and will have no effect when put on,unlike the real one perfect effect after 10-20 mins you can see the difference.HUGE difference.Like i said i recommend this to anyone it works great i love it,its not permanent though it goes away after sometime.So yeah  good luck. (∪ ◡ ∪)


What are Gyaru?

naachan gyaru gal

Gayru’s are Japanese girls or Gals for short.There are different types of Gyaru,but here we are using HimeGyaru.Gyaru’s have the big eyes,falsies and sometimes dyed hair.

What is Ulzzang?

ulzzang3 tumblr_m6fpzrsuoc1rycsvio1_400

Ulzzang or Uljjang means best face.Koreans known for their pretty natural look and big eyes,slim face and petite body’s.I guess anyone can be Ulzzang,you don’t have to be a certain race or color.